Testimonials were given by clients, unprompted, as feedback for Jana.
Informed consent for using these was obtained.

“Jana came into my life when I was in crisis and she was amazing at helping me see the big picture and unlike previous therapy they focused a lot on the past, we talked about what wasn’t working in my life and she gave me tools to make changes to my thought process and actions to get different results with CBT. When things were scary and overwhelming in the current moment, she helped me work on ways to get through that hour or day and re-look at the current situation, when I wasn’t in a crisis, we were able to work on new skills to help me better work through other issues/relationships I have.

Jana is an excellent compassionate listener, I never felt any judgment, and she always had useful ways to help me see a different perspective and gave me tools that I could use/apply and understand. She was always on time, consistent with her appointments, replied promptly to emails, and was always professional. I only worked with her during the pandemic, so all of our meetings were virtual. I think that also speaks to her excellent skills as a psychologist in being able to connect virtually.” – Sarah E.

“You’ve definitely been my favorite therapist. I feel like it honestly saved my life. I’ve grown so much and I’m excited and hopeful for the future.” – Matt D.

“Dr. Corbett has helped me so much. Since I started therapy, I have been able to put new skills into practice to help manage my emotional extremes in a healthy way. She has given me the tools I’ve needed to not only make it through the day, but to begin the process of rewiring my brain to accept and overcome the depression and anxieties of life. I have a long road ahead of me, but thanks to Jana, I have began to make a priority of healing and self-acceptance that I have desperately needed for years.” – anonymous

“I’ve had a lot of therapists in my life. I always thought I hate going to therapy. Ok, maybe there’s some benefit that’s not tangible, but it was always a hard thing to do. You go to therapy and you feel worse. That’s my experience. I get really excited when I come here and I leave feeling better. I’m so glad I have you as my therapist.” – anonymous

“You literally never cancelled a single session & flew across the country over a weekend without even saying anything about it & came back to work to listen to other people’s problems the next day & deal with people like me who can be really difficult & shitty to deal with at times. My point is (…) you are seriously an amazing therapist and it’s very rare that I think all these things at once. Thank you.” – anonymous

“The skills I’ve learned here are instrumental in how I’m handling what is happening in my life.” – anonymous

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